‘More Than 34535 Palestinians Killed In Israeli Strikes Since Oct 7’

The Gaza Civil Emergency Service estimated that the bodies of a further 10,000 Palestinians were under the rubble of hundreds of destroyed buildings.

‘More Than 34535 Palestinians Killed In Israeli Strikes Since Oct 7’

Since October 7 of last year, the Israeli military onslaught in the Gaza Strip has resulted in more than 34,535 Palestinian deaths and 77,704 injuries, according to a report from the Gaza Health Ministry. 

According to the statement, 47 people were killed and 61 injured by Israeli military attacks throughout Gaza throughout the previous day. 

The Gaza Civil Emergency Service calculated that beneath the debris of hundreds of demolished structures were the bodies of an additional 10,000 Palestinians. 

It said that such numbers were not part of the most recent death toll released by the health ministry, which only records deaths that are transported to hospitals.

"In light of the lack of heavy equipment, efforts to search for the bodies of the martyrs will remain insufficient and will not be enough to recover the bodies of thousands of them," the statement read.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students descended upon Lebanese university campuses to demonstrate against Israel. These were the first officially organized student rallies over Gaza, and organizers said that the demonstrations were inspired by American sit-ins.

On Tuesday, Lebanese nationals and students flocked to campuses across the country, including the capital, Beirut, holding Palestinian flags and banners calling on their colleges to boycott businesses that do business with Israel.