'Let There Be Martial Law, I Am Not Scared': Imran Khan Tells Journalist

'Let There Be Martial Law, I Am Not Scared': Imran Khan Tells Journalist
Talking to journalist Imran Riaz Khan on Monday, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI)  Imran Khan said let the martial law be imposed. He impliedly referred to the establishment that he is pitted against in the current round of his street politics.

Khan made these remarks on the fourth day of his Long March for 'haqeeqi azaadi' (true freedom).

He added that the current climate was worst than Musharraf's martial law. Khan added that when Azam Swati Shahbaz Gill were tortured they were told that 'Imran would face the same.'

Imran Khan referred to recent arrests of his aides. Swati was arrested after Swati targeted the army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Twitter while Gill was arrested for attempting to incite mutiny within the ranks of armed forces.

He said he would not be scared of the intimidation. He said, 'they are cowards'. Those who want to destroy the country's biggest political party are cowards.

Until there is rule of law and accountability for all, there is no future for Pakistan, Khan added.

Pakistan's prominent political analysts have been warning that if there is collision between PTI and the government, martial law could be the outcome of violence on the streets.