Monthly Horoscope For September 2023

Shelley Von Strunckel offers her predictions for the month of September.

Monthly Horoscope For September 2023


Late August and early September are about organising all sorts of plans. Some are urgent, others are less pressing but will dominate your time and thoughts. While irritating, by mid-September the results will be as thrilling as they are informative. Better yet, this rouses your inquisitive side. Explore your options but avoid making long term commitments. That way, when the pivotal Aries Full Moon, on the 29th, brings facts and feelings to a head, you’ll be free to conduct an extensive rethink of existing and future plans. 


You don’t enjoy juggling changes, but you’re good at it. While some are welcome, initially others will be irritating but, as you soon realise, bring timely breakthroughs. Explore everything. Some won’t last yet will be informative, others will solve persistent problems but in unexpected ways. Tempting as it is to plan ahead, keep both arrangements and your thinking flexible, and focus on what isn’t working or should go. This clears the way for the life-changing events being ushered in by late October’s pivotal Taurus eclipsed Full Moon.  


For ages you’ve intended to rethink, if not completely reorganise, elements of your life. Suddenly this becomes your focus. The trick? Be flexible. Regard plans as an experiment, an opportunity to broaden your experiences.  This enables you to plunge into appealing yet questionable arrangements, learn from them and the people involved, but avoid potentially restrictive commitments. Most of all, ensure you’ve time to focus on what, and who, lifts your spirits and, better yet, prevents you taking events or future plans too seriously.


Juggling your own tasks and obligations, others’ needs and the amazing events coming your way won’t be easy. Rely on instincts that say to list these, then where possible, to seek advice or, if necessary, support in terms of guidance or actual physical help. This will speed getting tasks done but, also, frees you to enjoy the current remarkable, if unexpected, cycle of growth, discovery and joy you’re experiencing. While certain arrangements will pass swiftly, others will become a lasting part of your life. 


As you begin September, you’ll still be juggling recent changes and as yet undecided plans, both triggered by mid-August’s Leo New Moon. While some arrangements will have been settled, the foundation on which others are based will continue to shift, often over the coming months. That being the case, regard any decisions as an experiment, and explore even seemingly unrealistic options, especially over September’s final two weeks. What you learn and who you meet won’t just be interesting, those encounters and experiences could be life-changing.


Being an instinctive planner, you’ll handle frequent and, often, mystifying changes, if not twists and turns, wisely. The challenge? Acknowledging certain once-prized arrangements need a major transformation or, in some cases, go. Take it slowly. Not until the Virgo New Moon, on the 15th, will potential changes or your options be clear. Focus on what must go, knowing this clears the way for the thrilling, and often unexpected, options coming your way during September’s last half, and even more, the rest of the year.      


After several months of unsettling but ultimately informative events, a substantial rethink is overdue. Thus, the move by dynamic Mars into Libra, on 27 August, to remain until mid-October, is well-timed. While, on one hand, you’re clear what must change or go, you’re also reviewing existing  plans and your long term priorities. The challenge? Ensuring both arrangements and your own feelings are flexible enough to ride out the current timely but unsettling developments. Be bold. You’ll only regret what you didn’t do, not what you did. 


Between your remarkable intuition and gift for turning even unsettling events to your advantage, usually you adapt easily to changes, reshaping them to suit you. However, events now and, equally, during October are about spotting what needs to become part of the past. While often changes are easily made, a few are confusing or will take months to organise. Still, your instincts rightly say to plunge in, yet be patient, knowing you’ll learn what you need to, and at just the right time. 


Ordinarily you’ve a knack for dealing with unsettling developments and difficult people. However, what arises between September and the year’s end will be puzzling, even for you. The secret? Do the minimum. While usually you think and move swiftly, this period’s about questions regarding past and, equally, more recent arrangements. So respond, but ensure plans are flexible - for now, and the rest of 2023. Meanwhile, explore absolutely everything that comes your way, enjoying potential twists and turns. Major decisions? Ideally they’ll wait until 2024. 


Watching arrangements you’ve struggled to organise change dramatically, if not come undone, won’t be easy. Still, deep down you’re aware these developments are clearing the way for new ideas, activities and, over the coming months, breakthroughs. The challenge? While you sense these changes are wise, and there are powerful hints of what they’re bringing, you’re worryingly short of facts. Once it’s clear they’ll be unfolding slowly, you’ll stop worrying and, for now, focus on letting go of what should have become part of the past long ago. 


After several months of exciting, but unsettling, changes you need a break. It’s coming, but in the meanwhile, events are shifting your focus to unexpected developments, if not just plain breakthroughs. True, usually, you’re the one who’s encouraging others to explore. Now they’ve spotted exciting ideas but need your unique support. The secret? Say farewell to what you can, then begin to focus on options for the future, especially what seems impractical. Soon, you’ll realise they’re exactly what the arrangements you’re organising require. 


The Pisces Full Moon, on 31 August, triggers intense feelings, personal and involving others. These, in turn, get you thinking about, and organising, September’s plans and projects. Unsettling as many events seem initially, your instincts correctly say shake-ups aren’t just timely, they’re triggering discussions of ongoing concerns. Still. do the minimum. Over the coming weeks, changes in circumstances and your own shifting priorities will lead to stunning insights. Your challenge? Overcoming your perfectionistic tendencies during a period as unsettled as, ultimately, it will be rewarding.