Pakistan-Origin Mother, Daughter Duo Sentenced To Life In UK Prison For Double Murders

At least four others were also sentenced for the crimes committed in 2022

Pakistan-Origin Mother, Daughter Duo Sentenced To Life In UK Prison For Double Murders

Pakistan-origin 24-year-old TikTok influencer Mehek Bukhari and her mother were sentenced to spend life in prison in a UK court on Friday, the BBC reported.

At least four others were also sentenced.

A Leicester Crown Court handed out the sentence after the jury found the mother-daughter duo guilty of ramming a car carrying 21-year-olds Saqib Hussain and Hashim Ijazuddin, pushing it off the road in Leicestershire and causing it to have a fatal crash in February 2022.

Mehek and her mother, Ansreen, were sentenced to 31 and 26 years respectively.

What happened?

Court records showed that Ansreen allegedly had an affair with young Hussain. But Hussain had threatened to go public about their relationship.

At this point, the Bukharis decided to tackle the matter.

They lured Hussain to a meeting in a supermarket parking lot where they promised to return him £3,000, which he had claimed to have spent on Ansreen during their relationship.

However, what they really planned was to ambush Hussain and take his cell phone, which the Bukharis believed contained compromising media.

The jury was told that Hussain arrived in the parking lot along with Ijazuddin. The two men were then ambushed as planned by a masked gang who were operating on the orders of the Bukharis and their accomplices.

Hussain and Ijazuddin, however, managed to break free of their captors and flee. The Bukharis gave chase, with the chase seeing the cars reach speeds of 140 kilometres per hour. The car containing Hussain and Ijazuddin crashed, killing its occupants.

The court also sentenced two men, 29-year-old Rekan Karwan from Leicester and 23-year-old Raees Jamal from Loughborough. They were sentenced to 26 years and ten months and 36 years and 45 days, respectively, for driving pursuit cars.

Another three individuals were cleared of murder but were convicted of manslaughter. They included 23-year-old Natasha Akhtar from Birmingham, 28-year-old Ameer Jamal and 23-year-old  Sanaf Gulamustafa from Leicester. 

Akhtar was sentenced to 11 years and eight months, Ameer to 14 years and eight months and Gulamustafa to 14 years and nine months.