After Initially Barring PTI Lawmakers, PM Now Directs Them To Attend No-Confidence Vote

After Initially Barring PTI Lawmakers, PM Now Directs Them To Attend No-Confidence Vote
Changing his initial strategy, Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed all Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) MNAs to attend the no-confidence vote to be held during the National Assembly session tomorrow.

In a change of tact, PTI lawmakers will now attend the National Assembly session and have their votes counted against the no-confidence motion in the lower house.

Previously, the prime minister had warned all PTI members "not attend the meeting in the National Assembly on the date when the said resolution is set out,” especially as multiple party members had seemingly defected.

During a national address on Thursday, PM Imran targeted the party's dissidents, threatening that the public will neither forgive nor forget their attempts to 'topple a government.'

"I am telling people who have entered deals that this will be stamped on you for life. The people will neither forget nor forgive you. Neither will they forgive those who are handling you. The people will always remember that you sold your country. Through a foreign conspiracy, you tried to topple a government that had an independent foreign policy," PM Imran said.

PTI leaders and ministers have been issuing hateful statements against the dissenting members of their party, with Prime Minister Imran Khan telling a public rally that no one will marry their children or invite them to weddings. In his address to the nation, Khan once again suggested publicly shaming members of his party who sided with the opposition.

Regarding the dissident PTI MNAs, the joint Opposition decided on Saturday that they advise PTI lawmakers not to cast their votes in favour of the no-confidence motion, to ensure that the voting process remains uncontroversial as the Supreme Court rules on the use of Article-63-A.