Imran Officially Cuts Out Buzdar, 21 Other Leaders From PTI

Imran Officially Cuts Out Buzdar, 21 Other Leaders From PTI
The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has expelled 22 PTI leaders from south Punjab, including former chief minister Usman Buzdar, and threatened legal action if they continued to use the party's name and designation.

The party has removed more than 80 notable leaders in less than a week for breaking party rules.

The PTI leaders of south Punjab whose membership was terminated included Sardar Muhammad Khan Laghari, Syed Nad­eem Zaman Shah, Ehti­sh­­am ul Haq Laleka, Prince Bahawal Khan Abbasi, Sabeen Gul, Usman Buzdar, Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtyar, Mian Shafi Muhammad, Syed Muhammad Asghar Shah, Mian Tariq Abdullah, Muhammad Akhtar Malik, and Muhammad Afzal.

The party has also expelled from the party Ehsanul Haq, Javed Akhtar Ansari, Saleem Akhtar Labar, Muhammad Zaheeruddin Khan Alizai, Farooq Azam Malik, Salman Khan Gadoka, Akram Kanu, Mohiyuddin Solangi, Makhdoom Afkarul Hassan, and Raja Muhammad Saleem.

Party leaders who had their memberships with PTI terminated received the following notice from the organization: "Now, you are issued with this notice of termination of your basic membership with PTI. You are advised not to use the party name, designation, or membership in any way, as the party reserves the right to take action against you and/or pursue legal action if necessary.

Some PTI leaders in KP, including former KP chief minister Mehmood Khan, Ziaullah Khan Bangash, Shaukat Ali, Muhammad Yaqoob Sheikh, Ehtisham Javed Akbar, Aghaz Ikramullah Gandapur, Muhammad Iqbal Wazir, Zahoor Shakir, Wilson Wazir, and Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq, had their basic party memberships terminated last week.

Syed Ghazi Ghazan Jamal, Syed Iqbal Mian, Sher Akbar Khan, Shah Faisal Khan, Saleh Muhammad, Mufti Obaidullah Khan, Nadeem Khyal Khan, Muhammad Didar, Muhammad Shafiq Afridi, Mohib­ullah Khan, Ibrahim Khattak, and Ahmed Hussain Shah.