Monsoon Creates Harsh Challenges For Balochistan

Monsoon Creates Harsh Challenges For Balochistan
Each monsoon in Balochistan brings various challenging circumstances for Balochistan to deal with, adding more harshness to the average Baloch's daily life. The previous year's monsoon in 2022 had caused thousands of deaths and wreaked much damage to agriculture, infrastructure and houses.

This year the monsoon of 2023, which started from July 19 and is ongoing has caused losses to some of the parts of the province and there is still no clarity on what will happen ahead given how various parts of Balochistan including Zhob, Kech, Awaran, Dera Bhoti, Rukshan and some other regions have registered heavy rains, followed by strong winds.

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Balochistan has reported at least 11 deaths due to the ongoing monsoon and Washuk, a District of Ruhkshan Division, has experienced the worst and suffered the most damages as compared to other regions of Balochistan where more than 400 houses have collapsed.

An anonymous victim from Kharan grumbles of not getting any help. "When the water flowed in the houses, it took away the household goods and some household goods were buried under the collapsed houses."

"Everyone well-ranked officials approached just to capture a click so as to let it be a proof that they visited the victims, further no help sent to rescue them on time", added the victim.

Officials have not yet negotiated with the flood victims but have expressed full interest in taking photos and uploading them on social media. Meanwhile the victims are just sitting under an open sky with no shelter or roof over their heads.

This year the agriculture in Washuk - consisting of onions and dates - in particular has suffered. In an interview with Voice Of America, a local of the region Abid Hassan spoke about the impact. "The recent flood has damaged plenty of houses, given financial damages, and more importantly, it damaged the mature plants of rice which were ready."

Further claiming Abid told, "The entire economy of Washuk depends on dates but the flood demolished the date palms completely." In fact, Abid Hassan also lost his house.

Apart from Washuk, the rain also destroyed a bridge which links Balochistan to Sindh. As it is broken, it has also become blocked causing heavy vehicles and the national away to become jammed due to high traffic. According to National Away Authority (NAA), the route is temporarily open for the less-heavy or small vehicles to travel and there is a need to repair the road as it is one of the most used routes given how it links two provinces.