Specialists Call For Education Reforms In Punjab

Specialists Call For Education Reforms In Punjab
During the last seven years, there has been no hiring of teachers in government schools in Punjab, resulting in a shortage of 1,10,000 teachers in the province.

During a discussion on a YouTube channel, senior education specialists Mosharraf Zaidi, Izza Farrakh, Umbreen Arif, and Javed Ahmed Malik shed light on the key factors that led to the massive decline in the provision of quality education.


During a thought-provoking debate, Javed Ahmed Malik, Malala Fund program director, said that in 2003, the development partner, the bureaucracy, and the political leadership seemed to be on the same page, so the reforms were implemented effectively, due to which school infrastructure was improved and more children were enrolled.

While expressing her views, Izza Farrakh, Senior Education Specialist in the South Asia region at the World Bank, said there is a need to reinvigorate the institutional LED thought processes and to continue to do a pulse check; we didn't see the energy in Punjab. "However, below the surface, we did see some reform and improvements. We had fixed this problem in 2015, but due to a lack of maintenance, it has reemerged," she added.

Umbreen Arif, an education professional, said that teachers should be hired on merit, their accountability should be ensured, and the content in the curriculum must be updated so that students may learn and grow.