Nuggets from the Urdu press

These nuggets are culled from the Urdu press. They are summarised here without comment. Absurd or ridiculous, tft takes no responsibility for them.

Nuggets from the Urdu press

Watch out!

The Chief Minister of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pervez Khattak, was quoted by Daily Jang (31 Oct 2016) as saying that no power could stop him and his companions from proceeding on their way. He warned that if their route were blocked, they would become rebels (baaghi). He further stated that the federal government had provoked the proud (ghayoor) Pathans, and that this could lead to disaster for the country.


Raising the stakes on the table

PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was quoted by Daily Jang (31 Oct 2016) as saying that while Imran Khan awaited the gesture (unglee) of the Third Umpire, he himself would call for mid-term elections in the country if his outstanding demands were not met by the 27th of December.


A sweet explanation?

According to Daily Dunya (31 Oct 2016) PTI’s provincial minister Amin Gandapur dismissed as “propaganda” the authorities’ allegation that alcohol had been discovered from his car by policemen. He was quoted saying that it was actually bottled honey.


“Axe on their own feet”

Daily Dunya (31 Oct 2016) quoted PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan as saying that the PML-N government was adept at striking its own feet with the axe. He criticised the policy of the government to show muscle against the PTI-led protest movement and stated that it was producing negative results.


The ‘bright’ side…

According to Daily Express (01 Nov 2016), actor Mustafa Qureshi stated that Pakistani artists who could no longer appear in Bollywood films should not regret it, since they will now have greater possibilities for working in films made in their own country. He went on to say that it was not a matter of pride to appear in Indian films, since the Indians had never accepted Pakistani actors, but merely used them for their own gain.


Failure to keep his appointments?

Daily Express (02 Nov 2016) reported that PTI activists were disappointed over Imran Khan’s U-turn on the latest protest campaign, The report stated that the PTI leader chose confinement in Bani Gala over fulfilling the promise he had made to hold a rally on the 28th of October at the Lal Haveli - which also offended Sheikh Rasheed.


“Going, going, gone!”

Daily Express (02 Nov 2016) reported that the land belonging to three fugitives from justice was auctioned off under the supervision of the Assistant Comissioner (AC) in Safdarabad, Sheikhupura district. The first fugitive’s land was purchased at Rs 887,000 per acre, the second’s land at Rs 877,000 per acre and the third’s at Rs 882,000 per acre.


Three P’s

Daily Dunya (05 Nov 2016) quoted PTI leader Imran Ismail as saying that the PPP had become “Papa, Phuppo, Puttar” (Father, Aunt, Son) party. He went on to allege that the Party was mired in corruption up to its hair (baal baal corruption mein dooba hua hai).


The party is over?

Daily Dunya (06 Nov 2016) reported that police officials in Lahore, on not receiving their “monthly” payment from the owners of a den of vice (fahashi ka adda) proceeded to raid the premises. The police were attacked, beaten up and then tied up with ropes. After this, police from the Shahdara area commenced an operation to free the captive personnel and arrested 5 (including women) while 11 suspects made good their escape. Police officials were quoted as denying that any “monthly” payments were involved in the affair.


Helpful advice

It was reported by Daily Dunya (06 Nov 2016) that various politicians offered interesting recommendations to PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari after his statement that he would marry only a girl that his sisters approved of. Abid Sher Ali was quoted as saying that Bilawal ought to marry but not follow Uncle Imran Khan (apnay chacha Imran Khan) and his example. Rauf Siddiqui from the MQM was quoted as saying that the young PPP leader ought to marry by his own choice (love marriage). JUI-F Senator Hafiz Hamdullah said that Bilawal ought to marry, but make sure that Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman officiates at his nikah ceremony.  He also went on to say that the PPP leader should take ancestry, wealth, beauty and piety in consideration when choosing his life’s partner.