Angelina Jolie Cries Over Genocide In Iraq

Angelina Jolie Cries Over Genocide In Iraq
In a surprising revelation on her instagram, Hollywood star and UN Ambassador Angelina Jolie shared that she had gone to Iraq.

The Oscar-winning actress posted several images on her page as she shared what she did in the war-torn country.

'An emotional day with my friend @Nadia_Murad, who I was honored to spend the day with in Sinjar in Iraq,' began the mother of six, who had tears in her eyes in the images.

Jolie began with how Nadia Murad 'took me to the home she grew up in Kocho village. And the cemetery where the remains of Kocho residents have been laid to rest.'

"I'm honored to return to Iraq, this time to support the work of my friend Nadia Murad and other local Yazidis who are rebuilding their lives and communities after enduring horrors," Jolie said in a statement via Nadia's Initiative on Wednesday.

"I have witnessed the progress they have made, but also the need for long-term international commitment to support their work and leadership," Jolie continued. "Yazidi survivors continue to struggle with trauma, insecurity, displacement, and slow progress on reparations. I met families who are still searching for answers about their loved ones who are missing, and others who still lack support to meet their basic needs."

"Local people here are working to help themselves," she added. "They deserve respect and support."

In a statement, Murad called Jolie's activism "instrumental in helping raise awareness and meet the needs of women, children, and refugees throughout the world."

"I relish the opportunity to show such a dedicated advocate my homeland, the incredible progress we have made toward recovery, and the remaining needs of my community," Murad added of the trip to Sinjar.

Murad's nonprofit, which is currently focused on redeveloping the Sinjar region for Yazidis to return to safely, is dedicated to "rebuilding communities in crisis and advocating globally for survivors of sexual violence," per a release. Murad herself received the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian efforts.

In December, Jolie, whose human rights activism work has also included support for refugee aid, supporting women in Iran, Pakistani flood relief and advocating for crime victim legislation, stepped away from her longtime role as a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Special Envoy.

"She will be more effective as an outsider," a source close to the actress told PEOPLE about Jolie's decision at the time. "She always has been like that, and more with the people than the system."