No Room For Hate: Shahrukh Khan's Fan Club Destroyed The Boycott

No Room For Hate: Shahrukh Khan's Fan Club Destroyed The Boycott
A report has emerged detailing how a group of about 170 youngsters met outside a single-screen theatre in Champaran, Bihar. 

This was no ordinary group - they wanted to organise themselves to "create so much excitement for 'Pathaan' that it would overtake all the boycott and hate messages against Shah Rukh Khan."

Prior to release there was a hate campaign that started when a song featuring Deepika Padukone wearing a saffrom coloured sari was released. Then there was concern from other quarters that the movie itself was a poor representation of the Indian Muslim community.

Throughout all the condemnation, criticism and critique, there not one word from the stars of the film. Consequently, Shahrukh Khan Fan clubs stepped in and decided to take control and fight back.

The report details how these clubs operate and engage. "The fan clubs have the top layer of core members which includes the founders. Then comes the umpteen number of WhatsApp groups - city and country-specific. If there are too many fans in a city, multiple groups are created for different localities. The group admins are city heads and run things - getting everyone together, holding meetings, coming up with plans for on-ground activities, and organising funds. The heart of these fan groups is made up of those who are always ready to step out and be a part of the events including promoting an upcoming Sha Rukh Khan movie."