Renowned Mountaineer Denis Urubko Rescued From Gasherbrum-I

He was attempting a solo winter climb of the 8,000-metre peak when he suffered frostbite and fell into a crevasse

Renowned Mountaineer Denis Urubko Rescued From Gasherbrum-I

Renowned Russian-Polish mountaineer Denis Urubko has been rescued from the 8,068-metre-tall mountain Gasherbrum-I in northern Pakistan after he suffered a near-fatal fall.

Urubko, one of the greats of modern mountaineering, having become the 15th person to successfully climb all 14 of the world's eight-thousand metre tall mountains in 2009 — and the 8th person to accomplish this feat without using supplemental oxygen, was attempting a solo climb of the remote Gasherbrum-I. 

During the climb to Camp II at 6,500 metres on the mountain, the 50-year-old climber suffered a serious frostbite to his right hand. As a result, he lost his grip and fell into a crevasse while crossing the treacherous Gasherbrum Glacier at around 5,500 metres. 

Pakistani climber Hassan Shigri, who had been accompanying him from Base Camp to Camp II, managed to rescue Urubko after an hour-long rescue mission in the crevasse.

Urubko was evacuated to the combined military hospital in Skardu, where he received initial treatment for the frostbite and other injuries.

Alpine Club of Pakistan Secretary Karrar Haidri said that after receiving treatment in Skardu for two days, Urubko is being evacuated to Islamabad for further treatment and recovery. 

He is accompanied by his Brigadier (Retired) Akram and Asghar Porik, the owner of Jasmine Tours, who will provide further details about his condition and situation. 
Haidri thanked the Pakistan army for their assistance throughout this incident.