Convocation Ceremony 2023: Habib University Celebrates 6th Graduating Cohort

Convocation Ceremony 2023: Habib University Celebrates 6th Graduating Cohort
On May 27, 2023, Habib University, Pakistan’s first-ever Liberal Arts & Sciences institution, joyfully hosted its 6th Convocation Ceremony, a grand event that symbolized the extraordinary achievements of the exceptional Class of 2023. This momentous occasion not only marked the successful completion of their educational voyage but also represented their deep introspection, unbeatable perseverance, and steadfast dedication displayed throughout their time at the University.

In total, 203 students graduated this year with degrees awarded from the University’s two schools, namely the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE) and the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS).

From the DSSE, 98 students were awarded Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science. From AHSS, 105 students were awarded degrees; Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Social Development and Policy, and Bachelor of Arts degrees with honors in Communication and Design, and Comparative Humanities.

Like every year, the convocation ceremony was streamed online which allowed Habib University’s global community, including Members of the Board of Governors of Habib University, Members of the Board of Directors of Habib University Foundation, graduate students, and others to join in on the celebrations from the comfort of their homes.

The ceremony began with a beautiful recitation from the Holy Quran from [insert name, from the Class of 2023]. The Master of Ceremonies invited the HU Choir to sing the national anthem. The audiences watching at home lauded the performance through their comments and virtual applause.

Wajeeha Shakeel, a Communication and Design major, was announced as the valedictorian for the Class of 2023. The valedictorian is chosen based on outstanding conduct during the student’s four-year journey.

Valedictorian and President's Medal holder, Wajeeha Shakeel, a Communication & Design graduand, reflected on the vibrant four-year journey of the Class of 2023 invoking an array of emotions through her motivational speech. She said: “Some of us are the proud first-generation graduates of our families, some of us secured our first jobs at Habib University, some of us had to go through daunting experiences, to settle in a completely new city, all of us who were there on the first day in this university are very much different now.”

President Wasif Rizvi then delivered his Convocation Address. He congratulated the graduating class of 2023, praising them for their diligence and work ethic throughout their four-years journey. He added: “203 students, 125 women and 78 men will walk today. While the fee for everyone is significantly subsidized, 173 students, or 85% of them received various forms of scholarships. To put in context; Harvard University supports 55% of the students and we support 85% of the students, and I specially want to congratulate 48 students of the batch of 2023 who received distinguished HU tops scholarship.”

A quintessential entrepreneur and innovator, President and CEO of Computers and Structures Inc., Ashraf Habibullah, featured as the commencement speaker at the convocation. “There are basically three things, which we want in our lives, health, happiness and wealth and that can only be achieved through the meaningful community,” said Mr Ashraf Habibullah during his commencement address. His words had a tremendous impact on the #Classof2023, who will undoubtedly carry them in their hearts forever.

The Governor of Sindh present at the Convocation 2023 also spoke to the graduating class, and said: Whenever there is a convocation, I become happy because I see with my eyes all those who are the future of Pakistan.”  

In his motivational message to the graduating class, Chancellor Rafiq M. Habib wished the Class of 2023 the sincerest of luck in making a positive contribution to the world while adhering to the values of Yohsin.

As is custom, the Chancellor’s Yohsin Medal, the most prestigious award at the convocation, is granted to the graduating student who both excels academically and embodies the Philosophy of Yohsin. Fizza Rubab, a Computer Science major, was presented with the award.

The event concluded with Class of 2023 posing for a group photograph with Chancellor, Rafiq M. Habib, members of the Board, Mr. Wasif Rizvi, President, Habib University, Dr. Aamir Hasan, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and our faculty at the Amphitheatre.