Minor Girl Raped In Islamabad

Minor Girl Raped In Islamabad
An 8-year-old Afghan girl was sexually assaulted by a man in broad daylight who then managed to flee in front of locals in Mohallah Diptian, which comes within the purview of Shahzad Town Police Station.

After being taken to a hospital, the medicolegal officer there verified the rape.

Based on a complaint from the victim's father, the Shahzad Town police filed a case against the unnamed rapist under sections 376 and 377/B of the Pakistan Penal Code, but they were unable to find the rapist until the submission of this report.

Afghan citizen Hazar Gul, a resident of Jalalabad, filed a complaint with Shahzad Town, claiming that he and his family had been residing in Mohallah Diptian, a neighborhood next to Mariam Masjid, for a few months.

The victim’s father said, "I was at my house with my elder brother when we heard some noises from the street. We rushed out of the house and witnessed a young man running towards us. Therefore, without knowing the reason for his escape, we both tried to intercept him, but he succeeded in escaping our grasp and ran off from our custody."

"But we moved towards the area where the street people were gathered and saw my young daughter crying," he added.

The victim said she was playing close to her home when the rapist pulled her into an under-construction house and violently raped her there.

According to police sources, the DPO (Rural) has taken up the issue and directed the Shahzad Town police to treat it as a challenge and put all their efforts towards finding the rapist.

The SP has assembled teams and dispatched them to various areas to apprehend the rapist.