Another Girl Who Went Missing From Karachi Found In Punjab

Another Girl Who Went Missing From Karachi Found In Punjab
Keamari police have found 15-year-old girl Amna Javed, who had gone missing from Karachi a couple of days before. She was recovered from the Khanewal district of Punjab.

A police spokesperson said that the 15-year-old had gone missing on April 28, at which point her parents filed a report at the Saeedabad police station.

The spokesperson also said that Keamari SSP Fida Janwari had set up a team for the recovery of the girl and that the police had succeeded in tracing her in Khanewal within 48 hours of her disappearance, with the help of technology. A team sent to Punjab bought the girl back to Karachi.

The initial investigation had revealed that the girl had left her house of her own free will. She had been friends with a boy from Chiniot, and had taken a train to go meet him.

However, the police had been successful in tracing her location and stopping her in Khanewal before she reached Chiniot. Subsequently, she was brought back to Karachi.

The police spokesperson said, “Further legal proceedings are under way.”

Last month, two other girls, Dua Zehra and Nimra Kazmi, were reported missing in Karachi. Both girls, like Amna Javed were found in Punjab and claimed that they had left their homes on their own accord. In the case of Dua Zehra and Nimra Kazmi, they both had also entered marriages, which they both alleged was an act done of their volition.

The cases sparked a huge debate about consent in the case of minors, and many questioned the similarities between the cases and wondered how to deal with such issues going forward.