Illegal Organ Trade Gang Busted In Punjab

‘Dr. Fawad was identified as the leader of the illegal kidney transplantation gang with a motor mechanic for an assistant that extracted the organ from 328 people

Illegal Organ Trade Gang Busted In Punjab

The eight-member gang, which included a doctor as its head, was arrested for performing 328 unauthorised organ transplants in the province, said caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi.

While addressing a press conference on Sunday at the CM's House in Lahore, Naqvi said that Dr. Fawad Mukhtar, who has a criminal record, was leading the group engaged in the illegal activity.

CM Naqvi said the gang used to charge between Rs2.8 million (for domestic buyers) and Rs10 million (for foreign recipients) for a kidney transplant, and the person assisting with the procedure was actually a "motor mechanic" who also used to administer anesthesia.

He said that the gang found victims in Lahore, Taxila and Azad Kashmir while they used to perform the procedure in private residences instead of medical facility to evade detection.

The gang were caught when a victim underwent a procedure with the gang. But when his condition worsened and he went to consult another doctor, he found out that instead of extracting his bad kidney, the culprits had allegedly extracted his healthy kidney. 

The chief minister also praised the police for their efforts in capturing the gang.

He reassured that the prosecution will work to produce a "strong challan" (charge sheet) in the case and that the facilitators of the gang are arrested and serve a long sentence.

He also indicated that, if necessary, the case may be forwarded to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Moreover, CM Naqvi said that two suspects in the eye injection scam have been apprehended.