FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Has Captivated The World

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Has Captivated The World
The FIFA Women’s World Cup is currently entering the knockout stages of competition with the last group stage games to be played on Thursday August 3.

Three groups have already been decided with history being made in group A as co-host New Zealand won their first game at a world cup, but were unable to qualify after a shock loss to the Philippines dented their chances significantly. They faced group leaders Switzerland in a must win game but were unable to prevail only managing a draw while Norway’s 6-0 thrashing of the Philippines allowed them to reach the knockout stages on goal difference. While the Philippines lost 2 of there 3 group games just reaching the group stage has been hailed as a huge achievement and with a win against New Zealand, they have certainly left their mark on the world cup.

While New Zealand could not make it to the knockout stage their co-hosts Australia were able to clinch qualification on the final day against Olympic champions Canada-who came into the tournament as one of the teams with a high chance to win- but it has been a disappointing outing for them as they endure a quiet exit to the tournament. Coming out of group B along with Australia are Nigeria who were able to pip Canada for the final spot with a draw against the republic of Ireland. The Nigerians have had an impressive showing at the world cup so far with a win against the Australians and draws against Canada and Ireland.

Group C featured former world champions in 2011 Japan who have cemented their status as one of the tournament favorites destroying the rest of their group with their most impressive win coming against Spain ending with a scoreline of 4-0. Japan also boasts the top scorer of the tournament in Hinata Miyazawa with 4 goals. Behind Japan Spain were able to take the second spot in the group as neither Zambia or Costa Rica were able to get an upset victory against either of the top 2.

Group D will be decided with European champions England in the top spot needing at least to avoid losing by a margin of 2 goals or Denmark to lose to already eliminated Haiti. Denmark is likely to clinch the second seat in the round of 16 needing a win against Haiti to go through. While China has the more difficult task of defeating England or needing Denmark to lose by a greater margin then themselves. It is still very much all to play for in this group for all teams except Haiti who were unable to grab a point in the group but can still leave a mark on the tournament by upsetting Denmark.

Group E contains the finalists of the last world cup in the Netherlands and the USA. Both teams are considered as having a good chance of winning. The USA came into the world cup as the favorite to win it all having won the last 2 editions in dominating fashion while a draw against the Netherlands has shown that they are beatable and drama surrounding their star player Megan Rapinoe who was benched against the Netherlands might mean that the end of the us national teams’ dominance at the world cup. However, the group is not finished yet with Portugal needing a win against the US to secure their berth in the next round as the last team in the group Vietnam will try to get their first points against the Netherlands these matches will be played out on the first of august.

Group F features the likes of France Brazil Panama and Jamaica with the France very likely to go through needing only a draw against winless Panama to progress. The blockbuster match for a spot in the round of 16 will be played out between Brazil and Jamaica with the small island nation being the underdogs only grabbing there first win at a world cup against Panama in their first game at the world cup.

Group G has only one space left for the round of 16 with Sweden already through to the next round. Italy has the best chance of making it needing a draw and Sweden to defeat Argentina but their poor goal difference means if Argentina defeat Sweden Argentina is likely to go through. South Africa defeating Italy would also mean they go through with it coming down to goal difference between them and Argentina should the Argentines prevail against Sweden. Argentina faces a tall task against Sweden but with the swedes already through it might be easier for Argentina to grab a win as it is likely many key Swedish players will be rested.

Group H is a group which looks like it has been decided with underdogs Morrocco needing a win against Columbia for them to have a chance to progress. The atlas lionesses stunned south Korea with a 1-0 victory giving them a chance to make a run to the knockout stages but they will not only need to beat group leaders Columbia but will require south Korea to not lose to Germany. The group leader’s Columbia are looking like the dark horses of the cup coming out on top so far in a tricky group.

The FIFA women’s world cup 2023 has been a historic world cup with it being the most watched women’s world cup in history and with many teams getting historic wins it has been a great world cup so far and only promises to get better with deciding matches to be played out with the next 3 days the knockout stages are looking to be even more exciting with more history to be made and upsets to be had who knows what the future will bring it is looking like it could be anyone’s year.