SUCH GUP: No stomach for elections

SUCH GUP: No stomach for elections

No stomach for elections

While the Supreme Adjudicators have ruled that Local Government elections must be held, The Great Khan and his horde are panicking at the very thought of it. Many elected reps have been to see their respective provincial head honchos and told them to intercede with The Great Khan. They want the message delivered that they have no stomach for elections.

Accordingly, poor old Bozo The Clown tiredly got up from Takht Lahore, dusted his clothes and skulked off in the direction of Islamabad. There he had an audience with The Great Khan and begged him to somehow get the impending elections postponed. The Khan apparently looked helplessly back at him and shrugged his shoulders. Bozo told a friend later that at least he didn’t say, “aap nay ghabrana naheen hai”!

Unforgiving judge

The retired hanging judge, also a would-be dam maker, was spotted at a wedding the other day. Our mole who was also at the wedding says that while most people stayed away from him, those who greeted him were sniggering behind his back. One such was asked what conversation he had with him. Said he, grinning from ear to ear, “I asked him how the dam was doing!” A clear reference to the dam fund the judge had set up, when he was in office, to which many people contributed (including those business houses whose cases he was hearing) and it’s not known what happened to the money. Another said, “I asked him who was guarding the dam while he was out socializing at weddings!” Of all people, the gent should have known that history is an unforgiving judge.

Change course

What, oh what, are the reps of a Middle Easter Emir doing circumambulating the Holy of Holies in the garrison town? We hear they have been trying to get through to No 1 about the parlous state of the Pakistani economy and how they can help a “brotherly people” from further disaster. All very welcome, we’re sure to the Holy of Holies, but what they can’t bear to hear is the end of the sentence …. “Your hybrid regime is in ruins. Change course.”