"No amount of appreciation will be enough as Malala is doing great things for her country and the children of the world "


Future of BISP


The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) was initiated in 2008 help poor people have access to some money. This program was greatly supported by the public in Pakistan. However, the decisions taken by the new government have raised questions about the initiative. The program is currently under the charge of Sania Nishtar, who is apparently seeking removal of more than 820,000 people from the rolls of BISP beneficiaries. The purpose of this action is to help the government maintain finances to keep a stable economy. However, this act does not take into account the huge impact it will have on the lives of common people. As a result of removal of 820,000 names, Rs16 billion will be added to the economy. This decision shows how greedy Pakistan’s authorities can be. Rights of poor people are being violated by powerful people in the country. Even social support programs are under attack.

Muna Manzoor,


Missing women


Pakistan is a conservative country where women are hidden within their four walls of their houses just because of cultural norms. Females here are considered to be weaker than males with the regards to leadership and management. According to World Bank statistics for 2019, only 24 percent of the country’s women are involved in the labour force. According to a World Values Survey, about 74.6 percent Pakistanis believe that men have more rights than women; 72 percent believe that men can handle a situation better than women; and 51 percent believe that university education is more essential for boys than girls. All these notions push women out of the public domain. Women in Pakistan lack the freedom of traveling and experiencing various parts of the country, therefore they hesitate in public settings. A country without the support and participation by women can’t run effectively. This is why Pakistan is suffering from multiple troubles.

Sher Jan,

Via email. 

Our pride


It was such great news to see Pakistan’s Malala Yousufzai being honoured with the title of The Most Famous Teenager in the World by United Nations in its decade review. No amount of appreciation will be enough as she is doing great things for her country and the children of the world. She rose and fought not only for her rights but all women and children after the horrific incident when she was shot in a Taliban attack in Swat Valley on her school bus.

Within a few years, she was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, along with many other international awards. She has been a brave face for not only Pakistanis but for everyone all around the world. Malala is an inspiration for us all.

Ganji Ali,