Imran Admits To Being A Playboy In Conversation With Bajwa

Imran Admits To Being A Playboy In Conversation With Bajwa
PTI chairman on Monday continued his backlash against former Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, saying he was "altogether a different man" before and after getting an extension to his term.

Talking to a number of journalists in Lahore, the ex-premier reiterated that he made a mistake by granting the former general an extension, saying he began to talk of 'neutrality' afterwards.

He also reiterated that the former COAS acquired the services of Hussain Haqqani, ex-envoy to the US for a "campaign" against him.

Imran went on to allege that a CIA operative was part of Haqqani's team to lobby against a "sitting prime minister”.

Speaking about his last meeting with Gen (retd) Bajwa, he said the then COAS said, “We have your files, we have your audios and videos, we know you have been a playboy.”

PTI chief added, “I replied that I never claimed to be an angel, I had been a playboy but Allah Almighty has given me an opportunity to repent over my sins.”

He also said that Gen (retd) Bajwa, being a har fan mola (jack of all trades), told him to put accountability aside and focus on the economy instead.

"He (Bajwa) wouldn't understand that the countries that grant NROs to high-profile thieves end up with higher poverty, whereas the countries that have clean governance and rule of law, prosper."

The former premier said that the worst thing the former COAS did was to give an “NRO to these corrupt rulers.”