Bank Alfalah Opens 1000 Branches, Surpasses Rs2 Trillion In Deposits

Bank Alfalah's Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan reiterates commitment to investing in the economic development of Pakistan

Bank Alfalah Opens 1000 Branches, Surpasses Rs2 Trillion In Deposits

His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan has issued a statement on the occasion of Bank Alfalah achieving two significant milestones of inaugurating its 1000th Branch and of surpassing Rs2 trillion in deposits.

With immense pride and gratitude, we at Bank Alfalah, celebrate two important milestones in the extraordinary growth of the Bank: the inauguration of our 1000th branch and the surpassing of Rs2 trillion in deposits. These two impressive milestones are significant as the Bank continues its remarkable journey of excellence and its quest to meet and surpass the highest expectations of its customers and partners. These milestones clearly indicate our strong commitment towards growing our presence in this wonderful nation of Pakistan and providing excellent services in virtually all locations in the country.

Over two decades ago, we embarked on a transformative journey by acquiring Habib Credit and Exchange Bank Limited with just three branches. Our goal was to reshape the banking landscape in Pakistan and to enhance access to excellent financial services. Pursuing that goal has led to the remarkable journey of Bank Alfalah, a journey defined by innovation, transparency, new technology, and best practices in banking and financial services.

At Bank Alfalah, we continue to move forward to fulfill the Bank’s vision to be one of the best in its class for the banking industry. We are absolutely committed to making it a leading financial institution that will always be a force for quality and excellence in the field. In recent years, the Bank has embraced digital innovation, leading the way in reimagining banking experiences. We are at the forefront of redefining the digital banking experience and have launched new services, such as the Digital Lifestyle Branch, focusing on an evolving way of life and ease of use for customers. We have also inaugurated the Digital Payments Sales and Service Centers to meet the needs of merchants and small scale businesses. At Bank Alfalah we express our gratitude for the trust of the Government and the people of Pakistan. We value that trust highly. We are greatly honoured to be part of the vision for Pakistan and its future. We aim to be one of the finest financial institutions in Pakistan and the region:

● A Bank where customer satisfaction is at the center of our work, remaining committed to building trust and long lasting relationships with our customers.

● A Bank that is building important strategic alliances and networks in the region and the world.

● A Bank that will continue to strengthen the business environment in Pakistan and to contribute notably to the economic growth and prosperity in the country and the region.

Bank Alfalah remains committed to investing in the economic development of Pakistan. We will work with individuals and businesses to build the local economy, develop markets, create jobs, contribute expertise, and serve the general banking needs of all types of consumers.

Bank Alfalah is also proud to be a responsible corporate citizen in Pakistan. We are intentionally deploying a business model that will help the communities within which we operate. We collaborate with public, private, and civil society stakeholders, reinforcing our role as the 'Caring Bank’. In 2022 and 2023, Bank Alfalah became one of the largest corporate donors to communities affected by devastating floods. This noble initiative aims to facilitate the return to normalcy for those residing in areas severely
impacted by flood disasters.

As we look ahead, Bank Alfalah, God willing, will continue to aspire to even higher standards of excellence. The Bank’s vision for the future propels us to explore new horizons, expand our presence, and deepen our impact on communities. Our plans envision greater diversification, more reliance on technology, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a global orientation. Bank Alfalah has great potential. And we are pursuing the realisation of that potential with intensity, dedication, and vigour.

To conclude, I want to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Government of Pakistan and the esteemed State Bank of Pakistan for their invaluable support throughout our journey. We remain resolute and dedicated to the well-being of the people of Pakistan and will continue our relentless pursuit of advancing the nation's prosperity.