Israeli Generals Want To Initiate Ceasefire In Gaza

The Israeli army has killed more than 38,000 Palestinians, while more than 92,000 have been injured.

Israeli Generals Want To Initiate Ceasefire In Gaza

As Israel's atrocities in Gaza escalate, indications indicate a growing schism between the country's military and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is opposed to a Hamas-Israeli peace, according to the New York Times. 

The senior generals want to launch a truce in Gaza because they feel it is the best option to liberate the 120 Israeli captives held by Hamas.

Furthermore, the truce would provide the troops with time to recover in the case of a battle between Hezbollah and Israel, as well as serve to reduce tensions between the two. 

Hezbollah of Lebanon has stated that it will continue to strike northern Israel unless Israel decides to halt its attacks in Gaza.

The military's stance on a ceasefire reflects this shift in thinking, as Netanyahu is adamant about not committing to a postwar plan, which has created a power vacuum in the enclave, compelling the military to return and battle in areas of Gaza that they have previously devastated. 

According to sources, over 4,000 Israeli soldiers have been injured, with 300 killed since October. 

In comparison, the Israeli army has killed over 38,000 Palestinians and wounded over 92,000.