SUCH GUP: Diamond demands

SUCH GUP: Diamond demands

Diamond demands

We hear there’s another audio leak in the offing. This one apparently has Ms F Gogi complaining about the size of a solitaire diamond ring presented to Her Holiness. Says Ms Gogi to her interlocutor, “Her Holiness is unhappy” or words to that effect. When the interlocutor asks the reason for Her Holiness’ unhappiness, he is told by Ms Gogi that the size of the diamond is a mere 3 karats. Yes, says the interlocutor, and it’s a fine one, of excellent quality. Ms Gogi appears unmoved at that, and apparently replies that Her Holiness will settle for nothing less than a 5 karat diamond of excellent quality. If The Great Khan continues with his provocative utterings, the audio will be leaked with the usual fanfare.

The long marchers

And now let’s tell you about those long marchers who were supposed to follow The Great Khan to the ends of the earth. Some of them never got beyond their own compounds. Amongst those who did, there was that clever former head of the provincial party. He set off alone, rumour has it, and stopped at a friend’s place just a few miles north of Lahore on the GT Road, at a one horse town. The friend gave him a lavish lunch, after which the Party supremo expressed his desire to rest for a bit. He was given a well-appointed air conditioned room where his “rest” became a long siesta. The hosts told our mole that the great leader, refreshed from his rest and several cups of tea, emerged from his room, got into his car and made to drive off. When asked if he was going to join the Azadi March, he laughed and said that he was going back to his home, a comfy abode in Lahore’s Defence area.

For a price

When The Great Khan’s pet Ham Az set off from his Lahore home with his caravan of 150 protesters to join The Great Khan’s Azadi March, he was asked why there weren’t more people in his crowd. Ham Az, although wealthy, is famous for his parsimonious nature. He replied that he did try and get “ordinary people” to join him but that they demanded Rs 15,000 per person for the day, besides transport and food. And that Mr Scrooge was not about to do, hence the small numbers.
Similarly, when that white haired lady doctor took to the streets on The Khan’s call, she went in a friend’s car. As we know, the police thrashed this lot and inflicted considerable damage on the lady dr’s car. Except that it wasn’t hers! The friend who loaned the car is now extremely upset and has asked the lady doctor to compensate him. He says the damage inflicted on the car by the police amounts to Rs 2 million. The lady’s reportedly not taking his call.