The Buraq Center by LADIESFUND

The Buraq Center by LADIESFUND

Press Release

Karachi: Lean In Pakistan Foundation held an cross sector gathering at The Buraq Center by LADIESFUND, where more than 70 women entrepreneurs and professionals networked for building professional friendships and business development. A wide range of dynamic women professionals, corporates, SME business owners, students, and those in art and culture attended.

This dynamic must-attend session which was hosted by Lean in Pakistan Foundation founder Tara Uzra Dawood was jam-packed and drew the likes of Claudia Ziegeler (wife of the German Consul General in Karachi), Ameena Saiyid, Baela Raza, Rukhsana Asghar, Kiran Zubair, Sara Pagganwalla, Khursheed Hyder, Nazli Abid, et al.

“Lean in Pakistan Foundation celebrates the importance of women pursuing their dreams and careers,” stated Tara Uzra Dawood, President, Lean in Pakistan Foundation. "We are delighted by the overwhelming numbers of members in Pakistan and the enthusiasm for this important initiative of women supporting women."

LeanIn.Org is a nonprofit organization founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to empower all women in their ambitions. Lean in.Org offers inspiration and support through an online community, free expert lectures and Lean in Circles, small peer groups whose members meet regularly to share and learn together. Since the organization's launch in March 2013 - following the release of the bestselling book, LeanIn-Women, Work and the Will to Lead - the LeanIn.Org community has grown to over 1 million women and men and more than 30,000 Lean in Circles in 150 countries. LeanIn.Org is a private operating nonprofit organization under the Section 501(C)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code in the United States. Lean In Pakistan, a Lean In Circle organization, is authorized to use LeanIn names, the Lean In service mark, program logos, the domain name "" and associated website and other branded materials under a license from Lean in.Org, as part of the Regional leaders Program - Terms of Service. Although Lean in Pakistan is an independent group, Lean In.Org authorizes Lean In Pakistan for use of these Lean In branded materials and has selected Lean In Pakistan to be non-profit organization.

"A moment of joy - seeing 100 women gathered at Pakistan's biggest Lean In Circle meeting in Karachi. My thanks to these amazing women for leaning in and inspiring me from across the world," Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook & Founder, famously wrote of the group in a facebook post on her personal page in January 2016. Then, in 2018, Lean in Pakistan was selected as one of 10 affiliates globally to be awarded permission for independent non-profit status.

"For me, as still a newcomer to Pakistan, it was yet another wonderful surprise to meet such a great mix of professional women - from educators, publishers, authors to jewelry designers, law professors, tv producers, pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, medical professionals... the list goes on. My compliments to Tara Dawood for bringing us all together - what a great vibe on the occasion of celebrating Lean In Pakistan!" said Claudia Ziegeler, wife of the German Consul General in Karachi.

"It was a wonderful event for networking," said Ameena Saiyid, founder, Lightstone Publishers.

"Really had a good time and met such amazing women," said Khursheed Hyder, Public Relations, HUM Network.

Baela Reza, co-founder, Children's Literature Festival, said, "A real powerhouse event."

LADIESFUND was Venue Sponsor for the event and Vital Tea was Tea Sponsor.