Arrests Of May 9 Arsonists Do Not Violate Human Rights: Minister

Arrests Of May 9 Arsonists Do Not Violate Human Rights: Minister
Strongly rejecting foreign media reports of human rights violations in Pakistan, Minister of Human Rights Riaz Hussain Pirzada said that arrests of May 9 arsonists can never be termed a violation of human rights.

"Arrests of [those behind the] May 9 mayhem across the country isn't a violation of human rights at all," the minister said while speaking to The Friday Times, on Friday.

Some reports in the western media earlier suggested that the arrests following the unrest amounted to violation of the rights of the people.

Pirzada questioned as to how can PTI chairman Imran khan could disassociate himself from the unrest, which will be seen as one of the darkest events in the county's history.

He went on to add that the footage of attackers involved in the arson clearly indicated their intentions.

"In every civilised country, those involved in arson are dealt under the law." the minister said and added, "even ambulances were set on fire."

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He further elaborated that the arsonists ransacked public property, vandalised martyrs' monuments and this is why, he maintained, they would be taken to task.

Pirzada stressed that the government has every right to lawfully punish the individuals responsible for the unfortunate acts, and drew resemblance of the acts with the 2021 Capitol Hill unrest and the subsequent punishment to those responsible.

He also rubbished reports of mistreatment of imprisoned female protesters, saying, "It's absolutely wrong; they have not been mistreated in any way and it is simply out of question."

Riots broke out in multiple cities as PTI workers engaged in scuffles with law enforcers after Imran Khan's arrest from the Islamabad High Court premises last month.

The party called for protests shortly after the arrest, with people taking to the streets and blocking the thoroughfares.