'Fake Feminist Movements Will Not Get You Justice': Nazish Jahangir

'Fake Feminist Movements Will Not Get You Justice': Nazish Jahangir
Nazish Jahangir is well known Pakistan actress who has appeared in many dramas including Kamzarf, Saraab, Berukhi, Ghammandi, Dil Tanha Tanha, Kaheen Deep Jalay.

Appearing on Nadir Ali's podcast she didn't mince her words when it came to feminism and Aurat March. She spoke about how she does not believe Aurat March has had any positive impact on society and that in fact, such  movements fuel divorces.

"I don’t believe in these Aurat Marches, it’s not benefitting the women for whom we are fighting, such poor women would be sitting in villages and making food. I think these fake feminist movements will not get you justice, I wonder who they are protesting for then. Are they protesting for us?... Also, the ratio of Khula has increased after these marches. I’m not saying to bear cruelties, our parents are the biggest example of absorbing each other with patience and love. Nadir, now people are getting divorced in a month after marriage.”

She also clarified her own ideological beliefs, upholding equality above all. “I am not an Orthodox feminist, l believe in equality, and I still confidently say that not all crying women are truthful. I am always standing with the right person whether it is a woman or a man."