Imran Says 'Willing' To Talk To Army Chief for Country's Betterment

Imran Says 'Willing' To Talk To Army Chief for Country's Betterment
Former prime minister Imran Khan on Friday said that he was ready to talk to the Chief of the Army Staff General Asim Munir for the 'country's betterment'.

In a lengthy talk with media person in Lahore today, the former premier insisted he now has no "quarrel with the establishment."

The talks dilated upon politics, the PTI chief's rift with former COAS Bajwa, current ties with military, and the reasons why he chose not to fly to the federal capital for court hearings.

When asked why he isn't speaking to the establishment, he said he never had a 'quarrel' with them, and that it was Gen Bajwa that "stabbed me in the back".

He claimed that he spoke to the former COAS even after he lost his government. "But it was him [Bajwa] who wanted to crush me," he said.

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Imran made it clear on the occasion that he would not 'bend his knee', regardless of what anyone thinks.

On the occasion, he also spoke about Bajwa's speech in April last year wherein he asked for the invasion of Ukraine to be stopped forthwith, and said he be "court-martialed for this speech".

“I'm willing to speak to the establishment even now for the country's betterment, but if no one is willing to talk, what can I do?” he asked.

Imran observed that it seemed that the incumbent army chief considered him his enemy, and went on to challenge him to prove any case of corruption against him and his wife Bushra Bibi.

On why he chose not to travel to Islamabad for court hearings by road, PTI chairman said he had found out about the plans to arrest him from the airport and take him to Balochistan, adding "I am in danger from those who are supposed to protect me.”

The former premier claimed that his party would win the elections despite the "umpires siding with the PDM”.