President, PM Vows To Ensure Security Of Journalists On World Press Freedom Day

President Zardari stresses the need to provide an environment free of intimidation or harassment for journalists so that they can freely express their opinions.

President, PM Vows To Ensure Security Of Journalists On World Press Freedom Day

Every year on May 3, the entire world observes World Press Freedom Day, a significant occasion to highlight the value of journalistic freedom of speech. 

The goal of this year's theme, "A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the Face of the Environmental Crisis," is to highlight the critical role that free speech and media play in light of the present global environmental catastrophe. 

In a statement, President Asif Ali Zardari emphasized the necessity of taking action to ensure journalists' safety and security so they may report on vital issues without fear.

The president stated, "The freedom of the press is guaranteed by the Pakistani Constitution, but it is also the media's duty to uphold journalistic ethics and report responsibly and accurately, keeping the national interest in mind." 

President Zardari also emphasized the need to create a welcoming atmosphere for journalists that is free from harassment and intimidation so that they may openly voice their thoughts. 

He remarked, "Today, we also recognize the commendable role played by the media in raising awareness about issues of social and economic significance, especially climate change and global warming, as well as in promoting democratic values in the world."

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif vowed that the current government would use every effort to support the media sector and find solutions to the problems it faces. 

In his address on World Press Freedom Day, the prime minister reaffirmed the government's commitment to working to the fullest extent possible to defend the rights of the media sector and media workers. 

He paid respect to media professionals, writers, cameramen, and journalists, stating that the men and women who gave their lives while covering Gaza were the heroes of mankind. 

PM Shehbaz stated that the lesson from history and the message of World Press Freedom Day were to oppose oppression and uncover the truth.