'PM's Relief Package An Admission Of Govt's Failure'

'PM's Relief Package An Admission Of Govt's Failure'
Following Prime Minister Imran Khan's announcement of a Rs120-billion subsidy package for 20 million most deserving families of the country, opposition leaders termed it an admission of failure by the government, saying that it was nothing more than a joke.
Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari reacted to the development and stated that the PM's package was "too little for 200 million people."

In a tweet, he said: "PM's package is nothing but a joke. PM claims few families will benefit from 30% discount for only 6 months on ghee, flour & lentils. In 3 yrs, ghee increased [by] 108%, flour 50% & gas 300%," he wrote. "30% is too little, too late for 200 million ppl facing historic inflation, poverty & unemployment."


PPP leader Sherry Rehman also criticised the prime minister and said that his address to the nation was a 'bizarre speech', referring to Imran Khan as 'Blame Minister of Pakistan'.


She said that she referred to the prime minister as 'blame minister' because he has been blaming former governments and international markets for inflation and prices of oil, gas, and other essential items.

“Bizarre speech by the Blame Minister of Pakistan. Says all the unprecedented inflation, tsunami of oil, gas prices, essentials is becoz [sic] of the past govts & international markets. PPP faced higher global oil prices over 130 $ per barrel but local petrol was half of today prices,” she wrote.