The Case Of Pakistanis Leaving The Country Via Illegal Routes To Europe

The Case Of Pakistanis Leaving The Country Via Illegal Routes To Europe
It is the basic duty of every state to take care of its populace. To do that however, a states need to have sufficient financial resources. Unfortunately Pakistan’s economic condition has taken a serious down turn in recent past. Said economic free fall, among many other issues, has given rise to increased illegal immigration from Pakistan. The reason for this has many aspects which includes economic, political and social factors.

Pakistan, a country located in South Asia with a population of over 200 million people, has been facing numerous economic and social challenges over the years. The country has been struggling with high unemployment rates, inflation, corruption, and a lack of access to basic services like healthcare and education. These factors have contributed to widespread poverty and a lack of opportunities for many people, especially the youth. In such circumstances many Pakistanis have started leaving the country in search of better opportunities and a better life style abroad.

In addition, Pakistan has been experiencing political instability and sectarian violence, which has also resulted in the displacement of millions of people. The ongoing conflict in neighbouring Afghanistan has also had an impact on Pakistan, as refugees from Afghanistan have been pouring into the country for years, straining its resources and creating new challenges for the government.

For many Pakistanis, the dream of a better life abroad has become a reality, as they seek to escape poverty, violence and political instability. Europe has become a popular destination for Pakistani migrants, who are drawn by the promise of a better life, higher wages, and better living conditions.

However, the journey to Europe is fraught with danger and uncertainty. Due to the strict immigration policies of European countries many Pakistanis are forced to take illegal routes to reach their destination. Many such migrants are therefore forced to rely on smugglers and traffickers, who charge exorbitant fees for their services. These smugglers often take advantage of the desperation of the migrants, exploiting them and subjecting them to abuse and exploitation. Many of these migrants have to adopt dangerous routes resulting in serious injuries and sometimes precious lives.

The European Union has been struggling to deal with the influx of migrants from countries like Pakistan. Many EU member states have therefore implemented stricter immigration policies in an attempt to control the flow of people into their countries. However, these policies have been criticized for their harshness and lack of compassion, as they often result in migrants being detained or deported back to their countries of origin.

The issue of Pakistani migrants leaving the country via illegal routes to reach Europe is a complex one, and it requires a multifaceted solution. The Pakistani government needs to address the root causes of migration by investing in its economy, creating jobs, and improving access to basic services. At the same time, European countries need to adopt more compassionate and effective immigration policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of migrants.

The reasons why Pakistanis are taking illegal routes to Europe is also the strict immigration policies of European countries. Pakistan is not considered a safe country, and its citizens find it hard to get visas for European countries. Therefore, many people resort to illegal routes to reach Europe.

Moreover, the economic situation in Pakistan is terrible, and people are finding it hard to make ends meet. The cost of living is increasing, and the government is not doing enough to create job opportunities for the youth. Therefore, people are forced to leave the country in search of better opportunities.

However, leaving the country via illegal routes is not the solution. The journey is dangerous, and many people have lost their lives in the process. Moreover, the migrants are often subject to exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking.

Migrants face numerous risks on their journey, including the possibility of drowning at sea, exposure to extreme weather conditions, and physical and sexual abuse. Once they arrive in Europe, they often face further challenges, including language barriers, discrimination, and social isolation.

It has also brought challenges for the future of Pakistan, the emigrants  includes well-educated individuals who are seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families, including access to higher education, healthcare, and other resources.

The impact of this, on the home country can be significant, particularly in the case of developing countries that may already be struggling with limited resources and infrastructure. When educated and skilled individuals leave, it can result in a loss of human capital and expertise, which can have negative effects on economic development and social progress. It can also worsen existing inequalities and create further disparities between those who can afford to leave and those who cannot.

On the other hand, the impact of receiving countries gaining elite individuals can be positive in terms of increased diversity and human capital. Skilled immigrants can bring new ideas, innovation, and expertise to the receiving country, which can contribute to economic growth and social development.  However, it is important to note that immigration policies can have a significant impact on which types of migrants are able to enter a receiving country.

Some policies may favour those who have specific skills or education levels, while others may make it more difficult for individuals without certain qualifications or resources to migrate. This can create further disparities in terms of who is able to leave their home country and who is able to benefit from the opportunities available in a receiving country. Moreover, lesser people left behind who can actually take an important role in building the nation. However the people migrate to other countries uses their talent and ideas for the foreign countries which ultimately beneficial for the countries to where Pakistanis move into.

The phenomenon of Pakistani migrants leaving their country via illegal routes to reach Europe is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. The government of Pakistan should take steps to create opportunities and improve economic situation in the country. Moreover, Government should work with European countries to create legal and safe routes for migration.  It is a problem that requires a collective effort to address and one that demands compassion, empathy, and understanding. The people of Pakistan need to be made aware of the dangers of illegal immigration and encouraged to seek legal means of migration.