Israel Burns Gaza Amidst Global Outcry | 2024 US Elections | Muslim-American Concerns Trump vs Biden

Israel Burns Gaza Amidst Global Outcry | 2024 US Elections | Muslim-American Concerns Trump vs Biden

World Bank economist Nauraiz Rana sits down with Ahmad Faruqi, an economist, defense analyst, and political columnist who regularly contributes to the Friday Times.

Faruqi vividly portrays the grim reality of Gaza's dire situation during the ongoing conflict. Israel's continuous assaults have caused widespread destruction, demolishing buildings, and flooding tunnels with salt water. This has worsened the suffering of civilians, who now face hunger, thirst, and disease amidst the devastation.

Despite Israel's attempts to portray its military, the Israeli Defense Forces, as morally superior while blaming Hamas for the violence, several instances have come up where Israeli officials have dehumanized Palestinians. Despite condemnation from the international community, particularly within the UN, the US' unwavering support for Israel draws criticism. This is evident through its repeated vetoing of resolutions in the UN Security Council and abstention from others. 

The political fallout of the conflict, particularly within the Democratic Party in the United States, is closely examined. President Biden's handling of the crisis could significantly affect his electoral prospects, especially among younger voters who prioritize humanitarian concerns and criticize US support for Israel. Recent UN Security Council resolutions aimed at addressing the conflict have been disregarded by both the US and Israel.

Faruqi also points out the imbalance in military power between Israel and Palestine and questions Palestine's statehood without adequate defense mechanisms. There are calls to disarm Israel to achieve a fair solution, but acknowledgment is made of powerful lobbying groups, like the pro-Israel lobby in the US, which pose significant obstacles to such measures. 

In the US political landscape, concerns arise about the limited options for voters beyond Biden and Trump, especially considering Trump's pro-Israel stance and anti-Muslim rhetoric. This prompts contemplation among Muslim Americans about their electoral choices amidst the crisis.

Uncertainty surrounds the resolution in Gaza, with speculation focusing on Netanyahu's motives and the potential impact of US influence on ending the war, as well as internal political dynamics within Israel.