Lahore Zoo Auctioning Off 12 African Lions For As Low As Rs. 150,000

Lahore Zoo Auctioning Off 12 African Lions For As Low As Rs. 150,000
The Lahore Zoo Safari is reportedly selling off 12 African lions through an open auction owing to feed expense and space shortage issues.

According to a report by Dawn News, the Lahore Zoo Safari is home to 29 African lions, three white lions, six tigers and two jaguars. This is the only captive breeding facility in Punjab that houses jaguars.

The zoo management committee decided to auction off 12 of the African lions, given their increasing number at the Zoo Safari. Nine female and three male lions will be auctioned off in an attempt to create more space and a smoother breeding process.

Some sources have suggested the lions are being auctioned off due to increasing feeding costs and expenses. However, Lahore Zoo Safari in-charge Tanveer Janjua firmly denied that the lions were being sold due to rising costs.

Claiming that the lions were being sold as per a decision by the zoo management committee, Janjua said, "This is absolutely wrong that the auction is taking place due to the feed expenses as it’s all about the lack of space at the safari and suitable breeding atmosphere for animals."

The auction, which will take place on August 11, is only open to people with registered animal breeding farms, and every applicant has to pay an application fee of Rs 37,500.  All 12 lions that will be auctioned off have been chipped.

The auction of African lions requires active FBR registration, copy of valid breeding farm/dealer license, no objection certificate from assistant director wildlife concerned, certificate from veterinarian and other such requirements.

Some media reports indicate that lions are being sold for as low as Rs 150,000.