35 Missing As Ferry Sinks In Okara

35 Missing As Ferry Sinks In Okara
A boat carrying 35 people, including women and children, sank in the River Sutlej in the Khokhran neighborhood in the district of Okara.

According to rescue personnel, there were 35 people on the boat, including men, women, and children, when it sank. Rescue efforts are being carried out to save the people.

Deputy Commissioner Zeeshan Hanif said that Rescue crews have been sent to the scene to offer assistance and support in this desperate circumstance.

He said that finding and saving the passengers from the sinking boat is the main objective. As the rescue attempts are still ongoing, more information regarding the event has not yet been made public.

The disaster happened near the crossing point between Okara and Bahawalnagar, as reported by local witnesses, but the precise number of passengers aboard the boat is still unknown at this time, making it difficult to gauge the severity of the situation.

Authorities and rescue crews are devotedly addressing the issue and offering the required support to individuals impacted by the disaster.