Gaza Crisis: Israel Attacks UNRWA School In Yet Another Assault

The school was hosting thousands of people who had fled previous airstrikes from different parts of the north of Gaza.

Gaza Crisis: Israel Attacks UNRWA School In Yet Another Assault

Israeli forces on Saturday attacked the Al-Fakhoora school within the Jabalia camp for refugees. UNRWA, the UN organization for Palestinian refugees, is in charge of the school.

Many have been taken to the hospital, and while the precise number of injuries is unknown, there are concerns that it may be in the dozens, according to Al Jazeera.

Thousands of civilians who had fled various regions of Gaza's north after earlier attacks were being housed inside the school.

Three attacks have occurred in the last several days at the Gaza refugee camp.

There was more devastation caused by a major bombing that took place in a heavily populated core district. People are still looking beneath the debris for survivors, despite the continuous search for them.

On the other hand, an Israeli drone fired a missile at the Gaza house of Hamas' leader, Ismail Haniyeh, who is currently outside the enclave, Hamas's Al-Aqsa Radio reported on Saturday.

It was unclear if any of his family members were there when the house was hit.

The political chief of Hamas, Haniyeh, has been living in Qatar and Turkey since 2019 and is not a resident of the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of people have been asking for a ceasefire in rallies that have erupted throughout the globe in response to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza.

The United States of America has pledged military assistance to Israel in the ongoing conflict that has claimed the lives of over 9,000 civilians, including around 4,000 children, despite Israel having witnessed one of the largest demonstrations demanding a ceasefire.

Former Pakistani prime minister Shehbaz Sharif emphasized that quiet is not an option and that what is happening in Gaza is "genocide" at the hands of Israel in a post on X, a platform that was formerly known as Twitter.

He wrote: "No one is safe in Gaza—neither the children nor patients nor hospitals or ambulances. Israel is committing genocide."