Pandora Papers: All Eyes On PM Khan’s Naya Pakistan

It is a well-known maxim that, “He who comes to seek equity must come with clean hands.”

In the light of the revelations of Pandora Papers, the so-called “Saaf Challi Shafaf Challi” PTI government has to take some action now.

A tweet by the prime minister trying to scale Mount Everest in a single leap will not be enough. Article 19-A is a fundamental right and must be guaranteed as per the 1973 Constitution.

A relevant fact to mention here is that in the Panama papers investigation, former premier Mian Nawaz Sharif was disqualified merely on the basis of Iqama. But it seems that facts and the general situation is different. The PTI has been drumbeating about accountability and corruption but what has been done to date?

“No one knows West better than me,” our prime minister has said multiple times. We all know how western democracies work; where are the resignations? The prime minister should have called President Alvi by now to inform him that all named in Pandora Papers must resign by tomorrow.

The tweet by the prime minister is about the same old rhetoric but he forgets that under his cabinet, inflation is in double digits, prices of basic necessities have doubled and the rupee has been devalued by at least 35 percent. Industrialists cannot make a policy with such variations in dollar, for instance a shredded metal scrap shipment of 1,000 tonnes booked in June when Dollar was Rs155 but when it arrives at Karachi port the document would be valued at $170.The price has been passed on to the end user, meaning expensive construction material further impacting the only visible “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.”

Article 38 stresses on the promotion of economic and social well-being of the people but it seems far from being implemented or even being a part of policy. This government is utterly and chronically useless as Tom Bower rightly stated, “In politics you must look sincere, but that doesn’t mean you are.”

As this Pandora Papers will be a talk of the town for the coming weeks, a valid question arises: will there be a joint investigation team, as there was during the Panama papers scandal?

Will the relatives of cabinet members be called in to provide trails, investigated for 14 hours?

The wheel has come full circle. In 2021 we must move on, conduct a fair trial as per the fundamental rights guaranteed in Article 10A.The Supreme Court can take up this case under 184(3) as per Constitution of 1973 but let’s wait for the government to exercise its sovereignty of choice.

A new NAB chairman debate is also around the corner; it must not be delayed now. What a time to have a new NAB chairman! This role will be crucial in the upcoming weeks. It is a perfect “asset beyond means” case to investigate retired and former public servants.

The federal investigation agency must assist wherever needed and credible, well-reputed officers must be given tasks. It will also be at least some sort of walk the talk for the PTI if a transparent and independent investigation is conducted in this regard.

The world has all eyes on us. Where are we standing? The way we have fought Covid-19 deserves a clap but the question is, has the world recognised it? Dengue is back once again and it is important to remember that amidst all this, the world is watching. Power is where it is perceived to be. The prime minister’s interviews to various foreign journalist have worsened things.

A call from US president is still awaited. Foreign direct investment from the Middle East is still awaited. The prime minister has insisted on talks with the TTP but have we forgotten APS? The stock market is crashing daily with fears of sanctions. The world is watching Naya Pakistan.

I have the words of Martin Luther King to console fellow Pakistanis: “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice."

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