9 Moving Pieces Of Art From The Iranian Protest

9 Moving Pieces Of Art From The Iranian Protest
The Iranian protest sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini has highlighted the bravery of Iranian women who are speaking up against the draconian morality laws of the current Iranian government. Since September 16, when news of Mahsa’s death broke, women have been chopping off their hair and taking off their hijabs as a sign of protest. Thousand of young men and women throughout the country have taken to the streets to register their discontent with the government and the brutality of the morality police. Here are 9 striking pieces of art showcasing the situation:

1. This poster showing the morality police and the protest move of cutting hair


2. Women expressing their anger at the leadership of Iran


3. Chopped hair becomes the symbolic image of freedom


4. Women mobilising and throwing away their hijabs


5. Traditional styled art and a beautiful poem


6. The protest isn't about hijabs or hair, rather, it's about choice


7. Iranian pop art


8. Women, freedom, liberty


9. Queens who cannot be silenced