Such Gup

Such Gup

Portent of things to come

We have it on good authority that The Man of Steel has received an important missive from the Holy Land. We hear a highly placed personage from Al-King’s inner circle met The Man in London. Interestingly, they did not meet at The Man’s Avenfield House apartment, but at another private location. A fly on the wall told us that pleasantries were exchanged, good wishes from Al-King were conveyed for both The Man and his family and the “brethren of Al-Bakistan”. Al-King’s messenger was thoroughly impressed with the quality and authenticity of the Arabian “gehwa” and Ajwa dates on offer, before a lavish high tea. There were no politics on the menu but the ice breaker meeting was enough of a portent of things to come. The messenger left with the assurance that meetings would continue, no doubt with meatier subjects of discussion on the menu next time round.

Tragic killing

Our mole reports that the Eye Ji of the Eff See appeared before the rights committee of the Upper House when he was left with no option but to take the blame for the tragic killing in Turbat of a young Baloch student last month. They would probably have brushed the murder under the carpet had it not been for QJB insisting that they should answer for their crime, and appear before the Upper House’s committee. Accordingly, the Eye Ji declared before the committee that his organization would not protect the criminal constable of the Eff See who shot the young Baloch following a bomb attack on an Eff See convoy. The search party had happened upon Baloch working in a date grove with his father; they had pulled him out, taken him off and shot him dead in cold blood.

The Eye Ji also said that no blood money would be paid and his organization would welcome the criminal being brought to justice.

No details man

An influential minister of The Great Khan’s government told a hack the other that “nobody has any idea what’s happening”. He said there was “no strategy, no planning. Just day to day firefighting”. Apparently, The Khan expresses annoyance when he is presented with the finer points of government business. He is said to have shut up an eager beaver with the admonishment, “I am not a details man”.