How Much Is Too Much? This Autumn, You Can't Wear Enough Jewellery

With a focus on heavy rings, this autumn is all about that gold but in a way that channels power and energy.

How Much Is Too Much? This Autumn, You Can't Wear Enough Jewellery

In a recent interview, Donatella Versace dismissed minimalism saying, "“If you are minimalist, you have minimal ideas in your brain... I'm a maximalist."

And thus the tone for accessorising to the max this Autumn has been set. British Vogue listed famous personalities who were known for their love of accessorising to the max. 

"To ornament your hands with all the abundance of a Cash4Gold outlet is not about telegraphing wealth – in many ways that is more garish than the rings themselves – but power and grandeur and charisma and perhaps a dangerous ego. It is about drama and legacies and self-made kings. It is the Sistine Chapel and it is The Sopranos, it is a regional fight club and it is also King Lear," writes Daniel Rodgers. 

Focusing on heavy rings as the look for autumn, Rodgers spoke to editor Emile Dinsdale (described as 'one of the best dressed women in London) who identified the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley as an icon when it came to accessorising heavily. 

Elvis epitomised opulence and power dressing and this was particularly evident in the jewellery that he wore. 

' “Elvis Presley was my first love and I gravitate towards his ostentatious style even though I don’t find many opportunities to channel that on a day-to-day basis,” Dinsdale says. “Elvis didn’t care if it was genuine or costume jewellery, he loved it all the same and that kind of theatrical dressing appeals to me.” '

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