Bollywood Star Sushmita Sen Breaks Silence About Wedding Plans

Sushmita Sen is often in the news for her personal life. 

Bollywood Star Sushmita Sen Breaks Silence About Wedding Plans

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen says she will marry if the person is appropriate for her and meets all of her criteria. She believes that it is possible to be friends with an ex while yet knowing where to draw the line. 

Sushmita Sen is frequently in the spotlight for her personal life. Whether it's her 2023 tweets about having 'a massive heart attack' or her connection with ex Lalit Modi and on-and-off-again lover Rohman Shawl. 

In a recent interview, the star discussed how her love life has always been 'an open book'. She also discussed when she plans to marry and whether exes may still be pals.

When asked how she handles grief with such dignity, Sushmita replied, "My life has absolutely been an open book because I have lived it very honestly, and sometimes recklessly. Having said that, dignity is something that is present in all aspects of your life; it is part of your identity. So it doesn't matter whether your decisions injure you, if you're deceived, or if you're to blame.

She also stated that if things aren't meant to be, "you value that lesson and move on." The actor added that 'it's worth investing that much time in a human being and calling it a mistake'.