Biden’s first 100 days

There are some key plans that the Biden administration is expecting to turn into a reality, writes Usama Malick

Biden’s first 100 days
After Joe Biden assumed office on January 20, 2021, barely a single day might have passed in which hunky-dory tidings didn’t inspire hope among everyone. In a true sense, it seems like a “president for all” has held the reigns of the world’s superpower with the aim to not discriminate between any of his citizens. The president has so far not reneged on any of his promises after his ascension to power and continues to garner praise with his every move.

In the first 100 days of this new administration, Biden will be rolling out a considerable number of executive actions on multiple fronts. As I write these words, Biden has fulfilled many of his day-one promises. He has rejoined the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement which aims to achieve 100 percent clean energy net-zero emissions by 2050. The most recent comments by Biden are enough to make the leaders of the world realize the urgency that is needed to deal with the climate crisis. He said, “In my view we have already waited too long to deal with this climate crisis. We can’t wait any longer.”

Biden has removed Trump’s vile travel ban on several Muslim majority states on his inauguration day. His promise of a whopping 1.9 trillion dollars pandemic relief package that will help revive the economy is yet to see the light of day as Republicans seem reluctant to give approval to such a hefty package. Regarding this relief package, Biden is reported to be trying to get this job done and has said “we can’t wait.” Only a month ago, Congress approved a relief package of 900 billion dollars.

As per the first-day acts of the new administration, an immigration bill has been sent to Congress in order to put the 11 million immigrants eventually on the path to gain US citizenship. Though Democrats hold a slight majority, the consent of the Republicans is required to give any bill the status of law. New changes in the immigration bill are aimed to give the hues of “humanity” and “American values” to the US immigration system. It is a welcome move indeed.

Issuing a sweeping executive order, Biden has also ended the Trump-era ban on recruitment of transgenders in the US army and ordered to make sure that the members belonging to this particular community be treated in a fair way by according them the same respect as other citizens. Praising the move on gender equality, the president of the human rights campaign Alphonso David termed it the most “wide-ranging” executive order ever issued by a US president.
Laws protecting women against violence are supposed to be strengthened. Among Biden’s priorities is passing the Violence Against Women Re-authorization Act 2019

Besides the day-one promises, there are some other key plans that the Biden administration is expecting to turn into reality. Except for a few nations, many major states have been unable to resist the economic downturn brought by the dreaded virus, let alone the developing states. Therefore, the first focus will be to chart out a comprehensive plan to revive the US economy. It is no longer a secret now that China has been the only state which has handled this pandemic well and cushioned its impact on its economy.

Biden will be repealing the tax cuts regime that was enacted in 2017 and which has largely been there in the Trump-era mostly to favor the creme de le creme of the state. The success of this action too depends on the cooperation of the Republicans.

America is also renowned across the globe for producing the world’s futuristic arsenal which has many a time cost the state too with its own citizenry being involved in multiple crimes. In the past, every time there was a debate on introducing gun laws, it ended in an impasse without reaching any conclusions. This time strict gun laws are expected to be introduced by this new administration where not only the gun holder but also the manufacturer will be held accountable.

Laws protecting women against violence are supposed to be strengthened. Among Biden’s priorities is passing the Violence Against Women Re-authorization Act 2019. Throughout his political career, Biden has been the champion of this cause, so he will definitely make sure to turn this act into law in his first 100 days.

The induction of some Muslim Americans of Pakistani descent by the president into his administration shows the latter’s impartiality and is surely a welcome move. Until recently, Biden has not done anything that might have hurt the sentiments of any community. He is standing by the right, no matter what. After assuming the presidential office, Biden’s decision to restore US relations with Palestinians and to bolster the notion of two-state solution for Israel and Palestinian is undoubtedly a remarkable one. It would be hard for everyone to disagree with me on this point that the world seems a better place to live in since Biden has been calling the shots. This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come.