'TTP Considers PTI Its Ally, Will Use Militancy To Influence National Politics'

'TTP Considers PTI Its Ally, Will Use Militancy To Influence National Politics'
The recent threat by the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to the leadership of PML-N and PPP is an attempt to use the political divide to influence national politics, a source in the establishment said.

The fact that the terrorist outfit didn't threaten PTI in their communique is an indication that they want to create "two groups".

The first, establishment and the ruling parties that are "aligned with the US and are against Pakistan and Islam", and the second comprising the PTI and its allies, who are "pro-Pakistan", the source added.

"This is quite new and I don’t find any example of this political engineering by militants in the past."

The source pointed out that both PML-N and PPP have been a clear and declared target of the outfit, alongside the military establishment.


Sources in Afghanistan said the letter was indeed penned by TTP's Muhammad Khorasani, suggesting it was authentic.

They also said that the statement was sent, written on the letterhead of the aforesaid terror organisation.

PPP calls CEC meeting

Meanwhile, PPP has convened a meeting today (Jan 5) of its Central Executive Committee (CEC) for deliberations on the latest situation.

According to the senior leadership of the party, terrorism is a reality and that there are no two types of Pakistani Taliban.

The remarks made by the party's chairman Bilawal Bhutto are also worth mentioning. In his Dadu address, he called the TTP a fitna and termed the decision to free the terrorists responsible for the APS tragedy as "foolish".

While reiterating the pledge to establish the writ of the state, the PPP chair hinted at amnesty only for those who were willing to lay down their arms.

A similar statement was earlier issued by PML-N's Rana Sanaullah, who indicated that talks could be held with those who cease their challenges to the state's writ.

It remains to be seen what sort of impact the fresh wave of terrorism will have on the country's politics, especially in light of anticipated general elections.