NEPRA Increases Power Tariffs By Rs4.12 Per Unit

As per Nepra’s notification, the increase will not be applicable to Lifeline and K Electric customers.

NEPRA Increases Power Tariffs By Rs4.12 Per Unit

Electricity customers will face an increased charge of Rs4.12 per unit in their January 2024 bills as the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) raises the power tariff due to a monthly fuel adjustment.

According to Nepra's statement, the hike would not apply to Lifeline or K Electric consumers. It should be mentioned that Nepra authorised an increase in the cost of energy for Karachi by Rs2.87 per unit on Wednesday.

On January 2, Caretaker Federal Minister for Energy, Power, and Petroleum Muhammad Ali stated that the government was considering taking a huge step and lowering electricity tariffs for industries.

The minister stated that the caretaker government will complete a few major tasks in the five to six weeks before the elected government takes control.

"We are attempting to reduce electricity tariffs for industries because the industrial sector is currently subsidising households. There will be no employment or exports unless the sector is operational, and the country cannot operate unless we have dollars," he had remarked.

The energy minister stated that the government was also striving to reduce the circular debt and that measures were also being taken to reduce the excessively high urea prices.

"The caretaker government would give a roadmap for the reduction in capacity payments and urea prices," he stated.