Such Gup

Such Gup

Dark Ages

The late lamented Benazir Bhutto shaheed had a large heart as far as her critics were concerned. She always called it “the din of democracy”, be it censure of the press or criticism from her political opposition. Decades on, when logic dictates that things should have improved on the human rights and tolerance of dissent scale, we have gone back years, to virtually the Dark Ages. We can see a clear bid to silence every naysayer. Reliable sources say various schemes are in the making to mute the voices that are particularly strident.

Even second rung opposition leaders are in the firing line and Isloo’s wags are making predictions about what’s going to be planted on them in order to drag them off to prison. Apart from the usual suspects, wags say The Man of Steel’s spokesperson is currently in the front line. The joke is that “they” are going to miraculously find smuggled antiques of the Indus Valley civilisation in her car, along with some endangered species of animals, including perhaps a pair of Houbara Bustards so that she can be put in the slammer.

Next, the white-haired Khawaja of politically incorrect commentary fame (“Tractor trolley”) – will be saddled with a hefty and vocal parliamentarian, currently in The Great Khan’s horde after many a detour, who will be found in his vehicle so that he can be labelled a cattle thief. It would be funny if it weren’t outrageous.

Madame la Guillotine

We hear plans are afoot to further curtail social media activism, starting with a proposed ban on Twitter. Our mole says this was actually discussed in a meeting but various naysayers postponed the decision by citing the fact that The Great Khan is also given to rolling out frequent Tweets. They wondered what would then become of those. The matter was left pending, no doubt for the delectation of Madame la Guillotine at some later stage. It seems the government is bent upon creating a silence of the graveyard.