Your Weekly Tarot Forecast Is Here

Your Weekly Tarot Forecast Is Here
Gather around friends, we’re about to take a look into what this week might possibly bring for you. Every week The Friday Times’ resident astrologer will be pulling one card for each of the three major areas of your life: Self, Love and Career. Here’s what the week of Monday September 5 has in store for you.


The Emperor represents stability, wisdom and wealth. When this card shows up in an upright position, it means that your hard work will finally be noticed, and you will enter a period of stability. Authority, respect and status are important to you, and you will find a way to get where you want in that regard. Perhaps you will take on a more authoritative role in your own life, and decide that sitting around and waiting for what you want no longer serves you: instead, you must provide for yourself and ensure that you get the stability you want.



The Judgement card depicts arch-angel Gabriel blowing a trumpet, and people rejoicing and approaching him with open arms. You're ready to make a decision, reader, and it's going to be a life-changing one and you know it. Unlike the Justice card, Judgement requires you to decide based on not just logic, but also intuition. Tune in with yourself and reflect upon your past experiences. You know what choice you must make, given the path that has brought you to this point.


The Hierophant represents wisdom and learning. This is a religious figure, but in the context of career this means you could be taking up the role of a mentor. So possibly, moving up the ranks, or amassing a team that you will lead. This is also a good time to take up an educational course in a field you've been meaning to learn more about. This card also suggests that you're more in favor of taking a tried and tested approach and sticking to convention, but perhaps this might be a good time to branch out a little?