Gender Equality on Emotional Ground

We need to increase the horizon of emotional intelligence for all genders

Gender Equality on Emotional Ground
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Emotional intelligence is the most underrated and neglected concept in the modern age. Although it’s the most important and significant factor that is embedded in human nature and corresponds to humanity and spirituality, emotions are the key elements that sustain humanity and contribute to its connection to other living beings. When it comes to gender equality, the emotional quotient plays an important role in juggling the ups and downs of life. It is not only required for individual growth but also strengthens human bonds. Emotions keep humanity alive. If people are aware of their emotions, then their handling and prevalence can proceed in a better direction to create an inclusive and growing society.

Being humans, we are all prisoners of ourselves, but to part ways from humanity is not the ultimate call of the universe, so emotional intelligence comes into the playfield to satisfy the requirements of humanity. All three genders suffer from this era where they need other beings to relate to and resonate with their feelings to provide an emotional cushion.

The taboos that are gender-specific and related to emotions need to be broken down into such small pieces that they ultimately become negligible. From the beginning, the females were much more sensitive and fragile in terms of emotions, so they could play better roles in terms of caretakers and nurturers. Whereas the males were awarded a carefree nature so that they could face the hardships with the courage to fulfill the responsibility of breadwinning, they could sweat their blood for their family, and they could protect the family. But exceptions are always there, as both genders can reverse their roles up to some extent in the most beneficial ways if their emotional quotient is properly satisfied.

Both genders face threats to their mental peace, and for that reason, both are liable to become emotionally drained and exhausted. So there’s a need for equality of emotional availability on both ends, and for that purpose, emotional space needs to be provided to all genders at all levels. For that purpose, we all need to understand that both genders have the right to express themselves equally. Both are allowed to weep, cry, or shout to vent their emotions. Both can shed tears to get out of their emotions. Both are allowed to express their love and care independently. Both are allowed to seek help for depression or anxiety. Both have the right to disagree with each other. Both need to be emotionally available to others. Both can have anger issues that need to be resolved. Both are free to enjoy the moments the way they like.

In short, we need to increase the horizon of emotional intelligence for all genders. Emotions have no gender. They are applicable to all at the same level and intensity. Both can be weak, and both can be strong. Both can be sensitive, and both can be cold-hearted. Both can be capable, and both can be incapable. Both can be intelligent, and both can be dumb. Both can be honest, and both can be diplomatic. Both can be true, and both can be wrong. Let’s not associate emotions with gender, as they're a matter of nature, not gender.