Get in line!

An Isbad hack called an old contact of his in Washington DC, a highly regarded think tanker known for his connections with the new administration. The hack asked why the President was disinclined to call The Great Khan. The think tanker first repeated the common mantra: “There are many world leaders the President has yet to talk to”, ie get in line! Then he came out with an interesting twist which basically meant that the President would call The Khan only when Isbad had something concrete to offer Washington by way of helping the Ghani government survive in Afghanistan.

Can of worms

We hear a cabinet reshuffle is on the cards, with The Sheikh of Lal Haveli having fallen out of favour with The Great Khan. Lest we forget, The Boyz were keen on Chaudhry Einstein for the slot but The Khan was having none of it. Now The Khan is looking around for a replacement for The Sheikh. Meanwhile, Chory Shuj of Guj’s nephew who finally got a junior ministerial slot after a long wait, is jockeying to become a full minister, even if it is the Railways ministry. Which, BTW, is considered to be a dismal job. The Khan has also learnt of the scandalous doings of MS The Brat, and is agonizing over what to do with him, given that he was such a favourite. Insiders say when this can of worms is opened, MS will turn out to be the most corrupt minister of this government.

Another extension?

The Chairman of the NABbers is set to retire later this year, but he’s angling for – you guessed it, an extension! Yes, it seems to be the universally popular thing to do in Naya Pakistan. They say he’s lobbying hard with The Boyz but The Khan is opposed to it and is already interviewing people for the slot. Our mole says The Khan has made it clear he would prefer the new man to be a retired civil servant and that he has decided it will be neither a judge nor a general. So, there we have it!