K2 Registers Record Climbing Season

K2 Registers Record Climbing Season
Pakistan's K2 -- the second highest mountain in the world received a record-breaking number of climbers in July courtesy favorable weather.

K2 registered its busiest season yet this July, according to CNN. Sajjid Hussain, a local tourism official in Gilgit-Baltistan, said 207 permits had been issued this season.

Although Mount Everest's summit is situated at a higher altitude, K2 is deadlier due to its temperamental weather conditions. For this reason, ascents are almost always made in July and August, typically the warmest months.

While July is a popular month for those wishing to scale the mountain, another factor adding to the increase in climbers this season is eased travel restrictions.

Demand rose during the pandemic with many unable to travel due to restrictions. Covid-related travel restrictions and border closures enabled people to save money over two years and make a beeline for the peaks this July.

While permits to climb the highest mountain peak in the world —Mount Everest— cost $11,000 per person, permits for K2 only cost $7,200 for a group of seven people.

Separately, the mountain welcomed 20 women climbers this season, including three who set records for being the first and second Pakistani women, and first Bangladeshi woman.