Such Gup

Such Gup

Truth to power

So, what has Pakistan’s oldest newspaper, founded by none other than the country’s Founding Father, done to deserve all this fire and brimstone? Our mole says it’s the paper’s long standing habit of telling truth to power, of course, but more particularly one of its luminaries’ pronouncements at a recent press awards ceremony in New York. The gent spoke of the “challenges” to the free media in present day Pakistan, a level of censorship unheard of since the 1980s and the reign of the late unlamented Tyrant Terry Thomas. Those who wield power today would do well to remember its transient nature and legacies that live on or are relegated to the dustbins of history.

In sickness & in health

We’ve heard The Man of Steel is now being tested n London for a serious illness of the lymphatic system, which may account for the drastic fall in his platelets. His sons are contemplating treatment at the Sloane Kettering in New York or the Dana-Farber Institute in Boston. Sources say his daughter may be one of the few who can donate bone marrow for a possible transplant, should the need arise.

Baying for blood

Having been stripped of power on various fronts, we hear The Great Khan is now baying for more blood. This time he’s asked his accountability czar to focus on KA, one of The Man of Steel’s closest comrades and AI, The Man’s Min of Int and party stalwart. These two gents were once considered to be okay with The Boyz but that’s apparently not enough to keep them out of harm’s way.