'Jail Bharo': 'Imran Wants Party Workers Behind Bars, Not Himself'

'Jail Bharo': 'Imran Wants Party Workers Behind Bars, Not Himself'
Imran Khan never said that he himself wanted to be thrown behind bars; he asked his workers to 'fill the jails' on his call, says Muzamal Suharwardy.

The analyst told Khabar Say Aagay host Raza Rumi that the former premier's remarks on 'jail bharo' have been misread by the ruling party.

The 'smart move' is aimed at telling party's workers that he will be watching it happen from Zaman Park, he added.

"There're hundreds outside his residence on a daily basis, but they fail to get a glimpse of him," he said.

Suharwardy quipped that some 0.5 million PTI workers are ready to put up 1 million social media posts after they are arrested.

Speaking on the occasion, Amber Shamsi termed the entire campaign fiasco futile. "It's a weak card that Imran has intended to play."

Seconding the opinion, analyst Fauzia Yazdani pointed at the timeline of the tehreek to launch as there will soon be Ramazan and then Eid, and the movement will very well be on the backburner for sure.

According to Yazdani, the ultimate beneficiary of Imran Khan's much-hyped movement is the PML-N government itself.

Two days after announcing to launch his ‘jail bharo’ tehreek, PTI chairman Imran Khan has now linked the movement with the elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“The jail bharo tehreek will come into action if elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa aren’t held within 90 days of dissolving the provincial assemblies,” he told his supporters via video link.

He reiterated that not holding polls within the said span would be a violation of the Constitution, saying those doing so will invite the application of the Article 6 upon themselves.

Imran explained that the movement had been initiated for the supremacy of the law and the Constitution, and added that opting for any ‘doctrine of necessity’ would be detrimental for the country.

On Saturday (Feb 4), the ex-PM announced to launch ‘jail bharo tehreek’, saying he would make a formal announcement in this regard soon.

Addressing his supporters via video link, he had told party’s leaders and workers to wait for his call to initiate the movement.

According to Imran, the campaign would help convey to the ruling coalition who people were actually with.

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