PTI's JIT Report Of Wazirabad Firing Riddled With Flaws, Say Police Sources

PTI's JIT Report Of Wazirabad Firing Riddled With Flaws, Say Police Sources
The JIT report that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf presented in the Wazirabad firing case is riddled with flaws, as per media reports.

It stated that the medico-legal formalities of the incident were not carried out via local hospital, while the FIR of the alleged assassination attempt was also registered after a passage of four days.

The report further say that the FIR of the weapon recovered from suspect Naveed was registered after the passage of several days.

According to JIT sources, the bullet that took Muazzam's life was fired from an SMG rifle, and recovery of two of its cartridges adds to suspicion.

Moreover, as per the report brought to the fore by the PTI, some 47 bullets were fired at the crime scene.

Police sources, as media reports suggested, have also objected to the release of the suspect's video. They hold the opinion that unveiling a high-profile suspect prior to the identification parade weakens the case.

Legal experts say the FIR of the incident was registered after a passage of 12 days and the JIT members were changed thrice, while the container also wasn't sealed immediately after the crime.

After the attempt on former prime minister Imran Khan’s life on Thursday 3 November, Khan addressed his support base through a live video broadcast.

In his long speech, he accused Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, and Major General Faisal – widely presumed to be Faisal Naseer, director general counterintelligence of ISI – for orchestrating the assassination attempt on him.

Imran had stated that he knew in advance of a “conspiracy” to have him killed in a “Salmaan Taseer type murder”, referring to the 2011 assassination of the-then Punjab governor on overhyped allegations of blasphemy.

He had also vowed to return to the streets as soon as he recovers, and urged his supporters to protest till the resignation of the three officials he had identified.